Are you struggling to find JOY in your everyday life? Do you feel stuck because the life you imagined is a far cry from where you actually are?

If so, this was written especially for YOU!

The simple act of sitting with someone and being heard, seen, and acknowledged is powerful and affirming. If you don't know what to say or how to start, that's ok. We gently guide the conversation, and if you need quiet time to simply think and ponder, that's ok too. work with individuals, couples, and families - both traditional and non-traditional.  

We applaud you for doing your research to see what help is available. It’s not easy because in the past people associated therapy with “being crazy”. Now; however, people know that THERAPY WORKS to help you through the rough patches of life! If your leg was broken you wouldn’t wrap it up yourself and wait for it to heal. You would immediately go to a doctor. So, how long will you go through life while you attempt to “push through” and heal yourself? We all need help from time to time and getting support is the bravest choice you can make!

In therapy, we re-frame and correct the patterns that lead to frustration, hurt and misunderstandings. We do this by improving communication, enhancing understanding and identifying the areas that are creating blocks and stagnation.

While habits are tough to break, it is definitely possible to change yourself, your thinking and thus change your LIFE!

Life is NOT a Fairy Tale… but with guidance you CAN find your own version of HappiLEE Ever After.