“Helping our clients reach their goals brings us immeasurable joy and happiness. We feel privileged to be selected to help guide our clients on their journey to finding true JOY.

We truly want our clients to WIN!

“At HappiLEE Ever After, We create a safe and inviting space where open and honest dialogue can be exchanged”

Long gone are the days when people thought counseling Sessions consisted of painfully long and boring moments involving a couch and long, repressed childhood memories!


2005-M.S. in Counseling: Columbus State University

2007-Ed.S. in Counseling: Argosy University


What You Will Get:

• A licensed professional with years of experience specializing in working with individuals and couples
 • A warm listener combined with honest and direct feedback
 • Couples: We will call you both out and fight for not one of you but for your relationship
 •An expert in communications that will be listening, observing and teaching you how to effectively communicate beyond the basics.
• We will keep you focused on the present and future where you possess 100 percent control over what CAN be done

What You Will NOT Get: 
• A silent note taker or an over talking therapist, I’m all about BALANCE
• A ton of homework papers and work sheets (I have done enough homework for all of us to get these degrees)
• Digging up every detail of your past that is irrelevant
• JUDGEMENT (We’ve probably already heard it all at this point!)

We understand the struggles and joys that come with the effort to create a happy life. 

Call me at (678) 416-5594 for a no-cost phone consultation & let's start the process  TODAY!


Life is NOT a Fairy Tale… but with guidance you CAN find your own version of HappiLEE Ever After.