Do Away with Deadlines

Do you often feel like your life is not what you THOUGHT it would be?

Like, deep inside, something is missing or you have failed?


That’s because many of us created “deadlines” with exact times for the expected milestones in life. You had an ideal age to be married, have children, buy a home, get promoted, etc.

When we are not able to meet those “deadlines” we feel overwhelmed with failure and regret. Social Media and Self Induced pressure can creep up and be overwhelming— we all become inundated with the fear that we are not keeping up. Before we realize it, we are measuring our happiness- or lack thereof- based on how other people live. We can only see the greener grass — ours grass is brown, has weeds and is never good enough.

To reframe our lives and shed the feelings of failure, we must relinquish those unrealistic expectations.

Here are some tips to start that today:

1.Stop Beating Yourself Up.

Stop telling yourself, “You should be in a better place by now”. Have patience and allow yourself the time needed to learn the lessons of life at your own pace. Sometimes we need to take each moment in and nurture ourselves along the way. Be kind to yourself in those moments.

2. Observe your thoughts and emotions.

Ask yourself those tough questions: What is the rush? What are your fears? What will happen if these deadlines are never met? Asking yourself some important questions can help you understand why you feel so worried about not meeting these deadlines? Be truthful. It’s the only way to find out what’s really beneath it all.

3. Create a shift to focus back on you.

Stop comparing your life to others on social media. Very rarely does someone post a bad pic, unfavorable situation, etc. Remember, we can’t change other people or our past... All we can change is ourselves. Shift your focus back onto yourself and realize that you have the power to change your life and create your own green grass! Prepare yourself so when these monumental life moments happen...YOU are ready.

Life is pretty amazing. As long as we’re learning lessons as we go, there’s no rush. Sit back and enjoy. Fall In Love with Your Life!

Life is NOT a Fairy Tale… but with guidance you CAN find your own version of HappiLEE Ever After.