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Only you can make that judgment call. Have you been struggling lately? Have you been having troubling thoughts, feelings, or moods? Are you experiencing a loss of enjoyment or loss of motivation? Are you feeling overwhelmed or unlike yourself? Do you think it would help if you talked to someone like a mental health professional?

I am here to tell you…YES, it can really help.

Even if you don't think your needs “justify” therapy, it can help. Like a lot of people, you might be thinking "Therapy is only for crazy people, and I'm not crazy." This is an old-fashioned stigma that often prevents people from getting a little help during a difficult time. That stigma might be holding you back right this second and preventing you from turning your entire life around. 

Create some positive change in your life by asking yourself this question and answer honestly from your heart: “Am I as Happy as I truly want to Be?”

If not, then let’s work together to change that! Trust me. It really can get better.

I See it… Every. Single. Day.

Life is NOT a Fairy Tale… but with guidance you CAN find your own version of HappiLEE Ever After.